Visa Solutions Dedicated to Providing Clean Water to Malawi’s Population

Visa Solutions Dedicated to Providing Clean Water to Malawi’s Population

Matching hard-working people from all over the world with some of the best US companies that can’t find qualified local talent is only a part of what we do. Visa Solutions was founded by immigrants who strived to change lives and make a contribution to our country — helping others achieve their American Dream as they […]

Stats and History of American Trucking

From the device in your hand to the shirt on your back, the floor and walls around you, most everyday items have been, at one point or another, transported by truck. As the saying goes, ​if you bought it, a truck brought it​. Rumbling across the nation at every moment and in every direction, the […]

Why Truck Drivers Love Visa Solutions

International truck drivers love working with Visa Solutions for many reasons, not least of which is the clear benefit of being placed into a lucrative career in a critical American industry. Truck drivers are punctual and detail oriented; entrusted to deliver on-time and as contracted. They happily partner with Visa Solutions for the same reasons, […]

What is a EB-3 Visa

An EB-3 work visa, or green card, assures permanent legal residence for individuals emigrating from outside of the United States for the purpose of gaining specialized employment. Like other visas, there is a finite number available at any given time. In 2018, for example, the federal government granted just under twenty-one thousand EB-3 visas. That […]

Introduction to the US Truck Driver Shortage

If you haven’t heard by now, the United States shipping industry is in the midst of a serious truck driver shortage. Building over the course of the last fifteen years, it’s starting to make an impact on the daily expenses of American consumers with few viable solutions in sight. In today’s post, we’ll dive further […]

Why you should trust Visa Solutions.

There are many verifiable reasons why both American employers and international professionals can trust Visa Solutions green card facilitation services. Like traditional recruiting agencies, we locate talent and work with corporate clients to fill open vacancies with qualified candidates. What makes our multinational operation unique, is our knowledge and utilization of the federally-mandated EB-3 Permanent […]