We’ve got the solution for what has been holding your company back. Visa Solutions provides proven strategies for recruiting the best talent worldwide, while working side-by-side with in-house recruiting departments.

We have cracked the code that perpetuates the worker shortage, and we’ve got a solution: the EB-3 and H-2B visa programs. These programs created by the United States government allow companies with a labor shortage to hire workers from abroad. Visa Solutions locates the very best talent, takes care of the immigration process and helps your newly minted employees to relocate to the United States. We’ve done it this way for over 10 years, and all of our clients are extremely satisfied with this solution.

International Recruiting

We tailor our international recruiting process to meet your company’s needs. Each time we begin with a new client, a custom profile of their ideal employee is designed. We do this to ensure that you have a pool of highly qualified candidates that will fully meet the requirements of your open positions.

Our international recruiting process has been built in a way that allows us to find workers that will perform best in your company. Based on your company’s international recruiting needs, we are able to search the world for experienced workers and match them to your exact specifications. Additionally, we hold international recruiting fairs just for your business. This allows companies to choose from among the best candidates.


We will take care of all the necessary approvals to make sure everything is in order for your company to start hiring international talent.

Visa Solutions will file all necessary immigration paperwork and arrange consulate interviews. We will ensure that each worker has the proper documentation to enter the United States. We provide a visa renewal service (for companies that work with us on an annual basis).


In order to recruit EB-3 or H-2B workers from the international labor market, a U.S. employer must first receive authorization from the Department of Labor (DOL) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

At Visa Solutions, each account manager is an expert in EB-3 and H-2B certification logistics and will diligently handle your entire certification process with great attention to detail.


At Visa Solutions we want to make sure that your new employees are set up for success right from the start. So we do everything we can to make the transition from their home countries to the United States as smooth as possible.

  • Our relocation services include:
  • Help each worker to arrange transportation to the United States.
  • Provide workers with an orientation session that gives them the knowledge they need to be productive in the U.S. culture and professional environment.
  • Assisting workers with setting up social security numbers, opening bank accounts, completing drug screens, and signing up for medical benefits.
  • Working with employers to coordinate housing.
  • Meeting new employees at the airport and transporting them to your company’s headquarters.
  • Giving ongoing support for employers and workers during the term of the visas.