For more than a decade, Visa Solutions has been the leading international recruiting firm, filling truck driver and other labor vacancies across the United States. We scout highly qualified talent around the globe, to help American companies overcome the challenge of constant labor shortages and increase worker retention rates.

We do this through the EB3 immigrant visa program, widely used by small to Fortune 500 companies since 1990 for hard-to-fill positions every year.


Our mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to motivated people and create mutually beneficial long-term partnerships between the employees and the companies.


In Visa Solutions, we strive to change lives and make a contribution to our country by matching good, loyal, hard-working people from all over the world, with some of the best US companies that can’t find qualified local talent.

“Since our founding days, our passion has been to assist hard-working people to achieve their American Dream and live their life to the fullest potential while at the same time, helping the economy of this wonderful country.”

Ana Briones
Visa Solutions Co-Founder


José Gómez-Urquiza

CEO & Co-Founder

José Gómez-Urquiza has had a knack for identifying business problems and finding creative solutions for them since he was a very young man. His first lessons in business were learned from his grandfather, a successful restaurateur and entrepreneur. José’s grandfather played a big role in his early formation as a business leader, taking him every weekend to visit his company and learn the intricacies of running a business. José went on to obtain an MBA at the University of Chicago with a focus in entrepreneurship, where he refined his skills and began to consider how he could truly make an impact on the world around him. In 2005, José discovered that there was an extreme shortage of truck drivers in the United States. He also found that trucking companies were literally losing revenue by the minute, because so many trucks were parked due to the high turnover rate that the industry faces.

Always a creative problem solver, José put his expertise to work and studied the international labor markets. Inspired by companies like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon that bring thousands of employees from abroad on a yearly basis, he thought, why not truckers? In his research, he found that there is a nearly unlimited supply of drivers around the world that are highly qualified, and meet or exceed U.S. standards. He formed Visa Solutions and has been successfully recruiting drivers from abroad for over 10 years now, and reducing the turnover rates of his clients to less than 10%. José is truly passionate about helping his clients solve the problem of labor shortages in order to build stronger, more profitable companies.

Ana Briones

Recruitment Director & Co-Founder

Ana Briones is truly the heart of Visa Solutions. A trained psychotherapist, Ana worked in private practice for eight years before leaving to launch her own catering business. The business was extremely successful and she poured thousands of hours into it over many years. It was taking a toll on her health, and she decided to sell her stake in the business and look for other opportunities; specifically where she could help people in some way. When José Gómez-Urquiza approached her with the idea of starting an international recruiting agency that would bring workers from less developed nations to the United States in order to fill gaps in the workforce, she loved the idea. Ana saw this as a way to help thousands of workers and families to earn a fair wage under healthy working conditions, and above all have access to a better life. Ana focuses most of her time at Visa Solutions on helping new employees to resettle in the United States. She makes sure they have everything they need to fulfill their American dream.


Ana says that every time they work with a new employee, they make a commitment to walk hand-in-hand with them throughout the entire process. Ana ensures that they completely understand every detail of the process, and provides the guidance and support that is essential to making their journey successful. She takes great pride in making sure that every single new employee is ready for success on day one of their new job in the United States.

Erik Bladinieres

Partner and VP of International Business Development

Hard work and tenacity have defined Erik Bladinieres’ career, since he began working at a very early age. He comes from a tight-knit family and is the youngest of four children. When a steep recession hit in Mexico, he and his siblings went to work to help support the family. This was a defining moment for Erik because it was through working and studying at an early age that he discovered his innate ability for business. Rather than seeing his first job at a theme park as something part-time and temporary, he used it as an opportunity to explore his interests and forge a successful path in life. Erik went on to study marketing and graduated first in his class. Never shy about trying new things, he then headed for Australia to pursue an M.S. at James Cook University. After completing his studies, Erik went on to manage sales and marketing teams around the world; from Latin America to London.

He worked for companies such as Hugo Boss, Disney, Konami and Tycoon. He is very comfortable in the global landscape, so when the opportunity came along to partner up with Visa Solutions he jumped at it. Erik had always hoped to do something positive in this world, and Visa Solutions seemed like the best way to do that. He was able to take his expertise in multicultural business management, and combine it with a human element through helping workers all over the world to find better opportunities with great companies in the United States.

Magda Stachanczyk

Country Manager Poland

Monica Gomez-Urquiza

Country Manager Mexico

Rachelle Wan

LYD Country Manager Philippines

Eleasha Thomas

Country Manager South Africa

Irazu Cincunegui

LYD Country Manager Mexico


With operations in four countries and growing, we are strategically positioned to find the most capable, reliable and hard-working talent from across the globe.




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